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Originally founded in 2005, controlled Violence started as a small clan of members playing Delta Force Black Hawk Down. Majority of the staff here have been gaming together for many years and we are looking to recreate the clan experience the way it used to be and not what it is now. 

These gaming communities now with hundreds (some into the thousands) of members really bring the "clan" experience to a negative image as compared to what it used to be. We believe in keeping the essential ethos into what a real gaming clan is, it's to get together and kick ass in the gaming world, casually or competitively with a common and diverse group of players.

We don't believe in strict rules or policies here, come and go as you please, what few rules we do have are pretty common sense for the most part, if you feel like controlled Violence is a good place for you to kick back and get to know a good group of gamers, then feel free to apply. (register first, then click "Apply to Join" in the menu nav.)
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