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Does anyone follow stats on Battlefieldtracker?
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Joined: 17th Jul
Rank: cV Member
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17th Jul

Shows in depth stats in relation to your game play. I find it easier to get better if you know what you need to work on, and it's more motivating to actually be able to see evidence of getting better. Go the search bar, make sure you have Windows selected, and look up your Origin name for your stats.

Here's mine: ... ile/pc/Mickeymikey21

I'd love to see yours!
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[cV] VenzCouncil
Joined: 16th Jul 2016
Rank: cV Admin
Likes 5
17th Jul

I do use this from time to time just to glance at it and read some numbers, good find.

Here's mine:

Click Me
Joined: 1st Sep 2017
Rank: cV Admin
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17th Jul

Looking good Mikey, Nice Winrate

Here is mine.

Gotta get some play time in and get those stats bumped up lol
[cV] VenzCouncil
Joined: 16th Jul 2016
Rank: cV Admin
Likes 5
21st Jul

Nice Kontrol, like the sig as well.
Joined: 26th Jul
Rank: Registered User
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27th Jul

I recently discovered that website and I started to follow my stats like 1 week ago, it's a great website.

Here's mine: https://battlefieldtracke ... ile/pc/MikeCarmineRD
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